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It’s almost December 21. Do you know where your daylight is?


Creative slump. Writer’s block. Call it what you want: I’ve got it.

So instead of blabbering away here with nothing to say, I’m repeating my mantra of the week:

“Don’t force it.”

Your foot hurts when you run too often?

Don’t force it.

Not feeling inspired to job search or map out the next year of your life?

Don’t force it.

Can’t drag yourself out of bed at your standard early hour of the morning?

Then don’t force it. There’s probably a reason. Respect it.

Does this time of year ever make you feel a little off? Weird? Foggy? Frantic? Whinier than usual? Confused? Listless? Inexplicably tense and unmotivated at the same time? Ask your doctor about… sunlight!

Right. Winter does all of these things to me, but for some reason I still enjoy it.

In fact, I think the bears have got it right. A healthy dose of hibernation – away from high mileage, away from the internet, away from writing, away from overthinking things – is not bad. Things will come back around.

Side note: Thank you, blog-world, for commiserating with me over my strange foot pains. I saw a podiatrist today. How does walking over that little scan mat do anything to produce orthotics that will help “correct” the motion of my foot-strike when I am running? Oh, the mysteries and inconsistencies of modern medicine.


In an unprecedented showing of internet meme proliferation, The Angry Runner tagged me to answer several difficult questions.

They all seem to expose the fact that I live under a cultural rock.

Here we go:

1. Name one movie you’d never watch again even if someone paid you.

Am I the only one with an attention span so feeble that I usually can’t get through an entire movie unless someone else is there babysitting me through the screen-viewing experience? That said… this question leaves me feeling conflicted. How much am I being paid to watch the movie?  Because if you’re pushing at least an Andrew Jackson my way, I might be convinced to re-watch even Donnie Darko or some other similarly annoying psychological snooty oooh-I’m-smart-and-I’m-making-you-think-because-I’m-really-effing-weird movie.

2. Name 5 fictional characters you want to have dinner with. And TELL ME WHY.

Lord Voldemort, Forrest Gump, Stewie from Family Guy, the Disney-animated version of Aladdin, and Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes.

We’d have enough egotistical power struggles, witty banter, and hysterical misunderstandings for the dinner conversation to be a real riot. I imagine Voldemort and Stewie would trade menacing threats, Forrest Gump would make subtly incisive observations and inadvertently infuriate all the bad guys, and five-year-old Calvin would provide clever commentary.

Aladdin is only there because I’ve had an unabiding crush on his cartoon self ever since I first saw the movie, but I don’t really imagine him fitting into the mix otherwise.

In fact, Voldemort would probably try to include him in the conversation by making some racist comment about him being a street rat mudblood towelhead, and then we’d all get in a big debate over whether Qatar deserves the World Cup, and after that Forrest Gump will realize his latent soccer talent and lead the U.S. soccer team to victory in 2022.

3. Give me a race on your “must do” list.

The Klondike Run.

4. Any races you’ve done that you will never ever do again? Why?

Nope. I don’t race all that often and haven’t encountered a truly bad event yet.

5. Cake vs. Pie: Your pick?

There is a versatility specific to pie that cake lacks.

Cake frosting is nearly always disappointing, while the pleasant flakiness of a pie crust is rarely so.

Cake fillings are usually banal jelly-like messes and the actual cake itself is typically of an uninspiring, same-ol’ same-ol’ consistency, whereas with pie fillings one’s imagination can really run wild. Ha.

As the last word, pie can come in pizza form.

I’ve officially convinced myself.

Pie, every time.

6. Last meal – what would it be? AND YOU ARE ON DEATH ROW SO MAKE IT CREATIVE.

No thanks, I don’t want to have my last meal on death row because I hear that prison food isn’t all that great, so I intend to Shawshank my way out of this situation one way or another.

Perhaps my last jail meal will include some combination of Indian food and Mexican fare and beans and chili peppers so intense that the ensuing flatulence will cause all bystanders to collapse on the ground in comas just before giving me the chair.

This will buy me enough time to escape high security prison, preferably in a C-123 a la John Malkovich in Con Air.

7. Favorite book to movie adaptation ever? Least favorite?

Into the Wild was my favorite in recent memory. As for least favorite, well, the entire Twilight franchise is awful – books and movies – but that didn’t stop me from reading and watching each one. Like a trainwreck, I tell you…

I thought long and hard about coming up with seven more questions and then foisting this on seven more bloggers, but I think I might do my part to let this internet meme start to die.

So I’ll only tag five of you, and only with five questions. Bahaha!

What was your favorite toy or game to play when you were little?

If you could achieve any athletic feat, what would it be, and in which sport/event?

Which vegetable best embodies your personality, and why?

Would you rather live somewhere that’s known for being really really cold, or really really hot? Why?

Pizza: if you had to pick one, is yours Chicago-style or New York-style, and why? And while we’re at it, what’s on this hypothetical pizza?

With no obligation to follow through on answering the questions, I tag: Chasing the KenyansDuke’s House, See Jess Run, My Running ShortsDubay319, and anyone else looking for creative post fodder who would like to answer either in the comments or in a post.

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  1. 12/20/2010 14:19

    i LOVE the fictional characters you’d have dinner with. can i join in on the paaaaaaaaaartay?

  2. 12/20/2010 16:54

    Although I’m not happy to hear your foot isn’t miraculously healed and that you, like us all, are lacking in oomph, I’m happy to see you pop up in the googlereaders. By the way, I have the desire to tweet via the twitters “CAN SOMEONE GET SWEATY KID ON TWITTER PLEASE” about twice a day.

    I want to answer your vegetable question: eggplant. I am eggplant shaped, eggplant colored, and you must salt me and wait around for some time to get the bitterness out. But I taste excellent with damn near about anything.

    • 12/21/2010 06:50


    • 12/21/2010 07:03

      I KNEW you’d have an awesome answer to the vegetable question!

      And what is this… “Twitter” thing?

      See, I’m about two years behind the times. Perpetually. So as for Twitter? Maybe in 2012. Yeah, if the Mayan calendar is correct, I’ll be joining twitter just as the world is ending; sounds about right. I do enjoy stalking all y’alls tweets from your blog sidebars every so often, though. Maybe I’ll go do that now instead of dragging my lazy self onto the stat bike.

      • 12/21/2010 10:05

        um, get twitter now THANK YOU. you won’t regret it.

      • 12/22/2010 23:32

        Twitter is good value, but check how prolific a potential followee is before you follow them. I get depressed when I see 50 new tweets today and 45 are from TK.

        As for this time of the year… besides working long hours prior to Christmas, I love it. Balmy weather, perfect for running. Long daylight hours. I can start my run after 7.30pm wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

  3. 12/20/2010 18:50

    This is so weird – I *loved* the book “Into the Wild,” but I *hated* the movie! Maybe because I’ve never been to Alaska?

    • 12/21/2010 07:06

      I really enjoyed some of the movie soundtrack, so maybe that’s why I liked it so much. The book and movie were definitely really… different.

    • 12/21/2010 10:06

      Same. But I can tell you why I fucking hated the movie: SEAN PENN’S INFLUENCE. Krakuer makes no excuse for the douchiness, Penn fucking martyrs the guy. Just…no.


  4. 12/20/2010 18:52

    I have a half written post about bear-inspired hibernation still in my head. I blame Yogi’s First Christmas.

    I will attempt the questions, but first I need to follow those links figure out what the heck Chicago style and New York style pizza means … maybe I have a preference and I don’t even know it.

    • 12/21/2010 07:07

      Ah, thoughtless! I didn’t account for Canadians when I threw that question down. It was essentially an excuse for everyone to argue over how their region is the best. Or for us all to just agree that pizza is yummy.

      • 12/23/2010 17:52

        Well I have been to both cities, but only ate pizza in Chicago and it kind of made me queasy. I won’t advocate for Canadian bacon as a topping because truthfully I’m not even sure what that is.

  5. 12/21/2010 02:16

    I’ve been completely uninspired myself. These things just ebb and flow.

    {tiny voice} I love Donnie Darko. 😦 {/tiny voice}

    • 12/21/2010 07:11

      Hahaha! You don’t need to use your tiny voice. For pete’s sake, I referenced the film Con Air in this post. Please take that as a sign that I have awful taste in movies… once a movie gets too confusing or thought-provoking, I can’t do it!

  6. 12/21/2010 05:53

    Umm, if I can shower and get to work on time it’s a good day. Winter is hard, yo. I totally feel your cold weather blahs. But good news – it starts getting dark later tomorrow!

    +1 to Sarah’s comment about twitter. Get on that.

  7. 12/21/2010 06:54

    “One jump ahead of the hit man…”

    Damn you, Sweaty Kid!

    • 12/21/2010 07:15

      Had to Google that and wow, I’ve really never even listened to the lyrics in that song. Guess I was too dazzled by his ability to run up and down buildings while stealing bread and singing to notice the words?

  8. 12/21/2010 10:54

    I’ve been not-waking up with my 4am alarm since the spring. I am still telling myself that I “must need the rest”.

    Whew, more creativeness? I will have to dig deep. I should’ve never made a music video… Expectations are so high now!

    Nah, thanks for the tag. I will have to actually remember to do this… And in a timely manner.

  9. 12/23/2010 17:48

    Okay, the big reveal:

    What was your favourite (that’s right, I compulsively added in the “u”) toy or game to play when you were little? ** Lego, but the original brick kind, not those crazy one time build something specific kits kids today play with once and then abandon for the next movie tie-in.

    If you could achieve any athletic feat, what would it be, and in which sport/event? **Olympic gold medal in steeple chase. Or reaching the top of Everest. Or more realistically (that’s more on the nothing to Everest scale, so not at all), finishing the Canadian Death Race solo.

    Which vegetable best embodies your personality, and why? **I asked Husband and he said asparagus. Apparently I have a tall and skinny personality. Also, I just googled “personality of vegetables” so I am whatever vegetable is known for geekiness. If I am what I eat I am a red pepper. I took an online test that said I’m an eggplant. No reason given.

    Would you rather live somewhere that’s known for being really really cold, or really really hot? Why? **Really really cold. Because I wither in the sun. So wisely I decided to run a training marathon in Bermuda.

    Pizza: if you had to pick one, is yours Chicago-style or New York-style, and why? And while we’re at it, what’s on this hypothetical pizza? **C, none of the above. If I must eat pizza made outside my home I almost always go for the classic thin crust pizza Margherita. My weekly staple is a homemade pizza with red peppers, spinach, feta, mozzarella, and tomato sauce.

  10. 12/30/2010 10:05

    I so just saw that I was tagged! So behind! 🙂

  11. dubay319 permalink
    01/18/2011 10:12

    What was your favorite toy or game to play when you were little?

    Tag or hide and seek , hell i still love playing tag ahahahahah

    If you could achieve any athletic feat, what would it be, and in which sport/event?

    i would one day like to say i ahve done a marathonor biathalon i dont remember the name but where you swim, bike and run

    Which vegetable best embodies your personality, and why?

    Mabye Brockli becasue i am nice and fun looking on the outside and bitter and resentfull on the inside 🙂

    Would you rather live somewhere that’s known for being really really cold, or really really hot? Why?

    UMM i want some where in the middle i like being hot but i dont like the idea of not being able to walk around naked , so for the sake of people around me i would freeze and complain.

    Pizza: if you had to pick one, is yours Chicago-style or New York-style, and why? And while we’re at it, what’s on this hypothetical pizza?

    UM MMMMMM New York , I like Thin Pizza ( not that i will turn down any kind of pizza) and my prefect pizza is Bacon and Green Olives

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