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How to have a memorable Thanksgiving in Alaska.


If you’ve been wracking your brain for ways to make your next Alaskan Thanksgiving memorable, then look no further: just do what I did!

My group of friends and I all hiked our food 3.5 miles through the snow up a mountain and had Thanksgiving in a rustic cabin.

My boots were hurting my feet and I was slightly annoyed to be hiking instead of laying lazily on the couch hoovering holiday cookies. I decided that slogging uphill through a snowy, icy trail while carrying 70 pounds of water, firewood, extra clothes and a sleeping bag and trying to make it there before sunset wasn’t exciting enough, so I injected additional dramatic flair to the event by subjecting my friends to three minutes of theatrical crying in hopes that someone would want to turn around with me and go eat Chinese food at a restaurant for Thanksgiving instead.  What a baby.

Not to worry, as my tearful event was the first of several to be had among our ragtag group over the course of the next 12 hours.

When we reached the cabin, lots of drinking and a jolly good amount of drama ensued.

Lurid tales were shared.

Socks left on top of the woodstove caught on fire.  

A hat left on top of the woodstove caught on fire.

Firewood left leaning next to the woodstove – surprise, surprise — caught on YES, fire.

A bevy of histrionics occurred for reasons that I won’t go into here to protect the reputations of the innocent (and guilty).

The Sparknotes version is that we succeeded in not burning down the cabin, everyone was highly entertained, and this will certainly go down in the books as my most memorable Thanksgiving to date.

What has been your most memorable or ridiculous holiday event? What happened?

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  1. 11/28/2010 03:23

    Just glad no ONE caught on fire! Sounds like this beats Chinese any day.

  2. 11/28/2010 06:55

    Wow, you know how to do things up right! That cabin couldn’t be more perfect (if spending a few days living like the Unibomber is what sounds fun to you). Hilarious list of burnt objects, hope the toasted sock victim had an extra pair.

  3. 11/28/2010 07:10

    Hooray for not dying in a fire on Thanksgiving! I’d call that a win. 🙂

    Did you guys hike or snowshoe? I did a backpacking trip in the mountains in the winter once and hiking through that shiz with a heavy pack was H-A-R-D.

  4. Lacey permalink
    11/28/2010 07:42

    lol you guys are amazing! that is so cool you can rent the john muir cabin. and AH to things catching on fire… ESPECIALLY in a log house. i grew up in one and was yelled at for burning incense one time. whoops. do your parents read this?! lol. it does sound memorable however. and so cool you had a group to celebrate with. happy holidays!!

  5. 11/28/2010 10:45

    hahahah i LOVE it. definitely something to remember. this year was the year of the dance off with my sister. i’ll never forget it — although i’m sure the dance moves i pulled on the floor should be something i forget hahah

  6. 11/28/2010 13:27


    Kidding. I’m glad you didn’t burn yourselves down. That’s pretty funny, and excellent fodder for tales in the future. I would say my most memorable Thanksgiving was spent in a hostel in Utrecht, eating mac and cheese and watching a subtitled VHS of “Congo.” No house fire, but not bad, eh?

  7. 11/28/2010 14:56

    Sounds amazing! You have once again proven yourself much tougher than me.

  8. 11/28/2010 15:18

    how fun! i always wonder what i would do if i was away-from-home for the holidays. hopefully i will be just as adventurous as you. what did you guys eat? clif bars?

    as for my running – i guess it’s coming back fairly “easy” (as easy as speedwork is anyway). i’ve also been working my way “back” since sept/oct – with weeks in the 20-30mile range for awhile. it has taken me years, but i’m finally learning to be level-headed and wise about this running business. it’s also been great to still have the cop-out of “oh i’m not training for anything until the spring” so i can still be lazy and slow.

  9. 11/28/2010 19:03

    Sounds very hard-core, especially compared to my traditional Thanksgiving! I don’t even know if I’m worthy to answer your question, as I’ve never had any holiday celebrations that compare with your Thanksgiving story. Very glad to hear you avoided burning down the cabin :-).
    As far as ridiculous goes, I did spend a recent 4th of July on a boat with friends anchored by hundreds of other boats at an area lake. Let’s just say the whole thing turned into quite the party.

  10. 11/29/2010 00:09

    Good story. You had to carry your firewood?! There’s no firewood up there? Being able to burn your “camp” like that, you could all get parts on Survivor Nicaragua.

    It’s hard to select one ridiculous event of many. Getting “arrested” in the Corvalis Costco for being “spies” was one. When I was young and silly, on a motorcycle holiday with my mates… overtaking an unmarked police car that was chasing another speeding car then getting stopped at a roadblock. We got off with fines and a warning.

  11. 11/29/2010 07:24

    What a great story! My Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful compared to yours! Glad to hear that you didn’t end up burning that rustic cabin down!

    My holidays have been pretty run of the mill for the most part. Typcially just a big hunk of meat (turkey, ham, or prime rib), the usual suspects for side dishes, and more family members than I can count.

    This year I will have my first atypical holiday when we begin our trek up Kilimanjaro on Christmas Eve.

  12. 11/29/2010 07:53

    I blew snot all over my keyboard at “hoovering holiday cookies.”

    Sounds like a pretty badass Thanksgiving to me.

  13. dubay319 permalink
    11/29/2010 10:48

    Oh Coco , what a debacle this Thanksgiving was and I am glad you did not turn around ,because i could not have handled it without you ahahahahaha. and i am Still very upset about my hat it was brand new from my mom 😦 . Sorry i sound like a twelve year old , but really it was a Carhartt.

    wonderfull blog , crazy holiday 🙂

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