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I was going to run in a 5K race tomorrow, but I may just lay on the couch and whine instead.


Yes, it’s true. I was all jazzed to race a 5K in the morning, but over the course of the day I got hit by the dizzy, feverish, headachey SICK TRUCK.


That’s what I get for spending hours outside in extreme rain and wind every day this week. Which I loved. I was too busy dazzling 3rd graders with the thrill of hiking up an avalanche chute and singing catchy plant songs to worry about how cold and wet it was.

Now, though, due to either hanging out with schoolchildren or putzing around in the rain and wind every day or possibly both, I am not sure if I’m up to the task anymore. Or maybe this is just a preemptive excuse for what might be a piss-poor racing effort tomorrow. If I race.

Quick, give me your last-minute sick-fixes. Do you have any tricks for heading off illness?

I’m drinking five pots of tea and overdosing on vitamin C hoping for some kind of placebo effect, although from past experience, I also know that too much wine can really do the trick.

Oh well. I haven’t run a 5K in years, and had no high hopes riding on this one.

Especially because there will probably only be 20 people in the race, no mile markers, and the actual distance is questionable. Not exactly a high stakes event.

Additionally, I do not remember how to run fast over short distances, but I was (and still am) looking forward to trying. This is the only 5K around here in the fall and I won’t get another opportunity for months!

Our local race schedule is pretty sparse in the fall… (and this city is only accessible by sea or air, which makes it challenging to travel to other locations for races).

What does the local road race schedule look like where you are?

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  1. 10/16/2010 02:41

    So sorry you’re under the weather! Probably from those germy third graders. I follow the “neck and above – go running, below the neck – don’t” rule. No quick cures, I’m afraid. Hope you feel better in time!

  2. 10/16/2010 03:08

    Sorry you’re sick. I don’t really have any advice since I don’t even remember my last cold. (I think this is because I rarely work with the public or kids.)

    Our race season just kicked off about a week ago. There are now 3-4 races every weekend to pick from through May. I’ve been ill or injured the last few years, but this year it looks like I can have some fun.

  3. Murdoch permalink
    10/16/2010 04:21

    I’d bag it, low key 5K no big deal, its not worth overtaxing your system.

    Boston racing scene is outrageous. You could do a full season of XC, Indoor and Outdoor if you wanted to. Theres also like 30 road races a week (no joke, look at coolrunnings results page for mass). For a true elite Boulder or Flagstaff is still better but for club runners I think Boston is still tops.

  4. Lacey permalink
    10/16/2010 06:24

    i drink tea and emergenC, and SLEEP. lots of sleep will do wonders. i hope you feel better soon!!!!! what are you doing with 3rd graders? are you a teacher??? yay third graders 🙂

  5. 10/16/2010 08:42

    i don’t really have any remedies. i just “drink orange juice and go to the chiropractor”. that’s what my mom says for everything… (and she used to be a nurse! haha). hope you are feeling good enough to go to the race.

    you had quite the punny comment. hope your aunt likes the pic – maybe she can use that at her office!

  6. 10/16/2010 08:43

    sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. and liquids. i also like to “sweat it out” which i have no idea if it really works, and if i’m feverish could be quite dangerous to raise my temp, but i like to burrow under a billion quilts and sweatshirts and turn an electric heater on.

  7. 10/16/2010 13:59

    What a bummer that you’re not feeling well! I can definitely understand that with limited races you still want to race though. Hope whatever you decided worked out well and that you’re relaxing now. My fall schedule is fairly sparse. I raced today (yay!) but no other definite plans. Feel better!

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