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Goals for the remainder of summer: the 25% rule.


Today’s ten mile run felt like 17. Let’s get emo about it.

On the heels of this, in combination with a slew of mediocre runs so far this month, I’ve decided that, for the rest of the summer, I’m committing to only one good run per week.

Background: depending on the other workouts I do over the course of a week, I lace up my running shoes 4-8 times between Monday and Sunday, typically with only four of those being workouts of substance, and the others just being short, fluffy, fun runs. So, four “real” runs per week.

Based on my highly aggressive and ambitious 25% rule, only one of them is allowed go well. I know that this is achievable because it’s mostly how my weeks have been progressing. One run goes well, the rest are either tolerable or crummy. And by “well,” I mean that one run might have splits maybe almost within 20 seconds of the miles I clicked off with ease in October, November, and December.

In other words, a 25% success rate. 

(Stop me if I’m getting repetitive and subsequently confusing myself. Math’s not really my thing.)

For the remaining three real runs, I pledge to be whiny, miserable, and slow.

To indicate my seriousness about these goals, I’ve included a helpful pie chart to keep myself on track.

25% of my running will be sunshine and daisies. The rest of the time, I will channel the whininess of Portuguese and Italian soccer players.

The remaining 75% of my excursions will be characterized by shamefully poor running: Suffering major same ol’ route fatigue, I will look down at my watch in tears, I’ll wring sweat out from the bottom of my shorts, I’ll wipe sunscreen out of my eyes, I’ll take my sunglasses off ten times per run to defog them and wipe them off on my sweaty shorts, which will make them ever harder to see through than before, which I won’t find the energy to complain about too much because the fogginess will compromise visual access to the abominable splits showing up on what is apparently a very faulty watch, and after an eternity of this nonsense I’ll stumble through the front door at home with my head spinning, immediately check the weather stats in search of an excuse, and note with a crushing blow to my ego that it isn’t nearly as hot or humid as it should be for me to be running this slow.

Consequently, I may have nothing witty or interesting to share here, but that’s the cost of doing business when you’re really reaching for the stars.

And oh heck yes, concerned friends, this is 25% + 75% = 100% serious. You saw the pie chart.

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  1. 07/25/2010 17:55

    hahah i LOVE the pie chart. i bet that by doing the one quality run a week that your other runs will get better over time

    • 07/26/2010 13:58

      haha, I am (mostly) being facetious with this entire post. It’s just a way to get my head around the reality that summer running can just be… tough.

  2. 07/26/2010 13:40

    Not a bad strategy, although it’s kind of depressing. It could make a 50 percent suckage rate really exciting, though! Are you marathon training?

    • 07/26/2010 13:57

      That’s actually what I’m going for with this outlook: a bit of runner’s reverse psychology. Keeping the expectations temporarily low, so that everything feels like a victory by comparison. No marathon training right now. I wish!

  3. 07/27/2010 14:25

    Yeah, about 1/4 of my runs actually feel good right now. Let’s blame summer!

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