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2010 Niantic Bay 10K race report. 


In 2008, I ran my first 10K at this very race, finishing in 43:50.

In 2009, I ran it again, in 43:12.

This year, I saw 41:xx in my mind’s eye, and hoped to execute it.

The course is mostly flat and the race is run at 6 pm. The weather was flawless; mid-60’s, sunny, no humidity. I had no excuse not to PR, except that in preceding weeks I’d done speed work with about as much frequency as a sloth or perhaps the bottom string on a bass guitar.

That morning, I ran an easy three miles to shake out the legs, doing the last half-mile at a Sweaty Kid sprint (a.k.a. not all that fast) to warm-up my turnover a little bit. Then I put my feet up on the couch and watched World Cup games until the race.

Got there an hour before and warmed up for about 25 minutes. Stood around, jiggled my legs, wondered absently if sub-42 would happen, smiled at people I recognized.

First mile in 7:04. Oof. My initial reaction involved audible profanity but then I got ahold of myself and remembered that I always start slow. At a 10K in February, I’d run the first mile in 7:42, and still finished in a PR time of 42:33 (6:50 average), so technically not all was yet lost.

Mile 2 breezed by. Mile 3 breezed by and I was pleased to see my ironman friend cycling along the side of the road looking like a Power Ranger in his fancy getup so I punched him on the arm as I passed. Mile 4 breezed by and I finally passed a fellow sweaty kid in a red bandana who I’d been trying to catch the whole time. Mile 5 breezed by. Mile 6 breezed by. The last 0.2 breezed by and I was beaten by a guy at the line because I was apparently too busy cheesin’ for the finish line camera to kick properly.

This was my first race since the marathon, so it felt comparatively abrupt. I enjoyed the “reel ‘em in and pick ‘em off” mentality afforded by my signature sluggish starts. Ended up crossing the line in 41:28 for a 65 second PR. After the race, I downed a few cups of the food tent’s clam chowder (‘cause this is New England, baby), exchanged a few pleasantries with familiar faces, and headed for Dairy Queen.

Wait, false. I was late for dinner, so I scuttled straight home, and stared at DQ through the car window longingly as I went by.

The stats and splits, if you’re into that:

NB10K, June 2010

  1. 7:04
  2. 6:34
  3. 6:44
  4. 6:38
  5. 6:38
  6. 6:34 (7:53 last 1.2)

Total time: 41:28 (6:40 pace)

3rd overall female. 1st in age group.


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